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Thorsday Drinking: Mead!

mai 17, 2012

Celebrate the day named after the God of Thunder with some drinks he might quaff in Asgard.

Did you know that Thursday is named after Thor? Of course you did. To celebrate Thorsday and in anticipation of the release of Thor tomorrow, I asked the Alamo’s Jim Hughes to do some writing about the beverage the Mighty Thor enjoys the most: mead. -Devin

What comes to mind when you think of mead? Renaissance fairs? King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table? Norwegian gods tossing back bulls’ horns full of the stuff in the Halls of Asgard? For sure, mead is an ancient beverage, possibly one of the very first fermented drinks in the world. After all, at its most basic it’s just water, honey and yeast, and since honey is ideal yeast fodder who’s to say that, millenia ago, someone didn’t accidentally leave out a jar of said mixture in the sun for a few weeks, come back to find that wild yeasts had got in there and done their magic, tried the brew and found that not only did it taste pretty good, there was a previously unknown, shall we say, light headedness that came with it… and maybe some regrets the following morning.

Sourse: http://badassdigest.com

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